Governance of BRC-100 Protocol

BRC-100 is an extensible decentralized computing protocol based on Ordinals Theory

First of all, BRC-100 is an open protocol that provides a framework for future protocol to extend to facilitate the development of Bitcoin ecosystem. Then, the development of the BRC-100 protocol requires the joint efforts of more developers. In the future, the BRC-100 protocol will complete governance in a more transparent and decentralized manner, to complete the processes such as proposal, review, addition, modification, and deletion of BRC-100 protocol and its extension and improvement protocols. The governance details are being formulated.

The current editor of the BRC-100 protocol is: Mikael.btc. If you want to become a new editor or have other suggestions, you can send an email to:, or you can contact Mikael.btc on Twitter:

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