BRC-100 Protocol Indexer

BRC-100 is an extensible decentralized computing protocol based on Ordinals Theory

The indexer of BRC-100 protocol is an index implemented based on BRC-100 protocol and its extension and improvement protocols. In order to ensure security, we hope that more indexers can support the BRC-100 protocol stack. In the future, there will be a set of indexer behavior specifications to guide the behavior of the indexer. And the results of the indexer can be verified to ensure the consistency of user and application state, to ensure the security of user assets.

Considering the complexity and subsequent extension of the BRC-100 protocol, we are exploring a way to implement the minimal index. The demander can deploy his own minimal index to get the state of all the assets of BRC-100 protocol stack without realizing the complex computing logic of all the extension protocols. Also, the minimal index does not need to be updated or upgraded frequently.

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